This is a short aired in 2012.


Pacifica's team and Ej's team are in baseball in a world inhabited by Stephen King characters. Dipper later interrupts Pennywise the Dancing Clown to say that he forgot Nick's titles, Spongebob imitating a lion's roaring and any other stuff. Pennywise apologizes, claiming that he got too excited, and wipes the screen black, restarting the short. There is a disclaimer saying that everything is an accident, and Sue Snell, Haleigh's half sister says that the person who thought of the name of the field is not with Viacom anymore. Pennywise annouces the game and says that as soon as Robbie V. warms up with Gideon, he'll start the game. Mrs. Chandra Johnson then dusts off the plate so it's clean, and Pennywise says that the players have taken their position (some are in World War 3 which ends with the Antichrist being killed). Gideon then throws the ball in a nice way like it is on a tee, then the ball hits a toothpaste ad. Pacifica then pitches by telekinetically using a radar system and hitting Darwin in the head, forcing him to put down the bat and take off his cap and then Darwin faints, only to be carried off by Pennywise and Andy McGee from Firestarter. Some pitches are seen, the spitball (which literally spits), the fastball, forcing Bender to get struck out, and Christine screaming that the umpire should be killed, and the decoy umpire that Ej made gets killed. Gideon then gets in Patrick's way when he's trying to hit the ball, and Pacifica telekinetically throws a "beautiful curve" which makes a girl. Robbie then throws a bowling ball at Tororo, Gideon, and the umpire. Pacifica telekinetically throws a ball made out of pure iron shavings, but the aftershock is contagious, making her shake. Then Chris and Vicky warm Blake up so he can pitch, and Robbie catapults a ball which he swallows, and then ties a rope to the ball so Ej is unable to hit it. Cujo then screams that the umpire is blind but he is not because he was wearing sunglasses. When Gideon tries to get in Blake's way, he gets clobbered, and Pennywise says that the people will observe a whole minute of silence. Then Gideon is seen forlornly ascending into heaven with a picket sign that reads "Sad Ending, Ain't it?", ending the short.