This is the first Nick game for the Playstation Vita, the second Bejeweled Twist game for the Wii U and the 3rd Bejeweled Twist game for the 3DS.


X-TAM Sports

A channel created by Darwin.


A channel created by Anais.


A channel created by Gumball.

Raving Channel

A channel created by Richard.

Shake It TV

A channel created by Spongebob.

Macho TV

A channel created by Patrick.

Cult Movies

A channel created by Nicole.

NoBrainer Channel

A channel created by Ej and the final channel.


X-TAM Sports shows Beestie Boarding (where you snowboard on a cow), Richard Wrestling (where Richard desperately tries to not get squashed by muscular twins), Missfit (where Darwin gives you exercise) and AnaisAss (where Anais foolishly attempts a stunt at a construction site).

GrooveOn shows Top of the Flops with songs the people of the future haven't heard in years. It has the Wattersons in it, with Nicole singing, Ej on the drums, Gumball on piano, Darwin on keyboard, Spongebob on guitars, Patrick on bass, and Richard on trumpet.

TrashTV shows Monster Tractors (where you race with tractors), Fashion Victim (where people take pictures of you at a harbor, but something will land on you if you don't stop walking), B.R.U.S.H. (where you get the military hygienic), The Garden of Weeden (where you use weed killer to stop Anais from growing weeds) and Prison Fake (where you use trollies to escape the police).

Raving Channel shows Megaballs (where Richard shows you the inside of a lottery), Shoplifting (where Richard shows you what real shoplifting is) , Flippin' Burgers (where you feed meat to a walrus) and Very Richard Show (where you try to get a microphone).

Shake It TV shows Dancing with Dweebs, where you dance along with the music.

Macho TV shows American Choppy (where Anais breaks her motorcycle), Incredible but Stupid (where you send yourself into space), Pimp my Avatar (where you make an avatar and try to match the description) and Loser Sweepstakes (where you guess who loses in a equestrian track).

Cult Movies shows movies like Night of the Zombies (a film where Spongebob and Anais barge through zombies to escape), Dawn of the Kids (the sequel to Night of the Zombies), Star Worse (a film where Gumball and Darwin desperately try to destroy asteroids and satellites with turrets), SOS Red Planet (a film where Ej and Anais attack Mars), SOS Red Planet 2 (sequel to the first one), Patzilla (a film where Patrick destroys the city) and Outofcontrollables (a film where Anais is the main antagonist.)

NoBrainer Channel shows Megaclicker, a review of all the advertisements in the game.