Brown: Judging by this painting. Now, I recommend changes. Nicole, you need more of a laughing.

Nicole: In the "Hahaha" way?

Gumball: No, more in the " Mwahahaha" way.

EJ: (shocked) You mean you want her EVIL?!!!!

Brown: Yes, Esteban.

EJ: Every villain has to have a scheme.

Nicole: I want to destroy Superman and rule the world!

Darwin: YEAH! But that sounds hard. Try smaller.

Nicole: I want to make a laserfire superfudge and fire lasers at the bank.

Patrick: Smaller.

Nicole: Grow and destroy the city.

Gumball: Smaller.

Nicole: Perform dark magic.

Richard: The smallest you can think of.

Nicole: Stealing the Krabby Patty formula?

EJ: YEAH! Plankton quit already!

Brown: Good. And Spugeboht.

Gumball: Spongebob.

Brown: Oh. Spongebob, you need to stop "jellyfishing" and work.

Spongebob: You mean a second shift at the Krusty Krab to put food on the table?

Patrick: WHAT?!!!

Brown: Please be quiet, Patrick! I'm getting to Richard!

Richard: What about me?

Brown: I don't know. Gumball, any suggestions?

Gumball: You need to get a job.


EJ: Uncle Richa...


EJ: Where's the mute button on this thing?!

Brown: Nicole will be evil, Spongebob works with Richard while EJ, Patrick, Gumball, Darwin and Anais fight this "XANA" Carrie's mumbling about.

Mr. Krabs: Krusty Krab. The restaurant that never closes. Order? 10,000 KRABBY PATTIES? We'll start it right away, Ms. Uh... What was that again? Uh huh, Nikki Icole. Wait a minute. This isn't some kind of prank, is it?

Nicole: No. Relax.

Krabs: O.K.

Nicole: I knew he'd fall for the bait! Now a evil laugh. LAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Narrator: Lately in Lyoko...

Patrick: Darn, missed again.

EJ: If XANA bloats me into the waytower, it's all over. We can mourn for the mountains! And then me!

Darwin: We get it.

Patrick: JUMP!

Anais: EJ, what about us?

EJ: Well, with our new jobs, we're gonna be like THE CROODS all over again.