Spongebob: Hey look, its Ej!

Ej: Bob! Pat! Long time no see!

Patrick: XANA's back!

Ej: Let's take XANA down then!

(We see Anais with Gumball and Darwin. She has an evil smile.)

Anais: I'll stop you right there. I'm back for revenge, Ej.

Ej: Anais, what are YOU doing here?!


Anais: EJ! This time there's no escaping, not even WITH Spongebob and Patrick. I'm winning this thing.

Ej: We'll see. (Ej morphs into Rinzler.)

(The Watterson kids, Spongebob, Patrick and Rinzler make poses with Rinzler pulling his disc. He somehow separates them and two are his weapons.)

(The battle starts)

Anais: Ej, give up! This time, mom's respect is mine!

Ej: My foot's hungry for your butt, Anais!


Patrick: Are you playing with that girl's intelligence level again?

Gumball: Anais has a point!

Darwin: (when defeated) I'm a menace to society!

Gumball: (when defeated) I'm not gonna make it!

Anais: Why not just give up? You're starting to make me really mad!

Anais: (when defeated) NOOOOOOOOO!

Anais: How could I lose? This isn't over- no,no,no. I'll be back. Until then... enjoy your rock, tubby!

Patrick: (starts crying) Tubby?

Anais: Ahehehehehehe...

Ej: Uh... something's wrong with that girl.

XANA: HAHAHA! Guess whoooooo?

Ej, Spongebob, Patrick: XANA!

XANA: It's me, XANA. I'm back... and i'm angry!

XANA: You fools must have a death wish. Watch as my fleet destroys the world. (The boys see the fleet.)

Ej: Dang!

Richard: There's the boys.

Nicole: Wonder what the big rush is all about? Maybe they're trying to get in the way!

Patrick: Isn't that...

Spongebob: EJ!

Ej: Nicole!

Nicole: Long time no see, boys! We'll take XANA from here.

Patrick: What? WHAT?!!!

Bobert: Sensors not compatible. Unintelligent Creatures Will Be Destroyed!

Richard: It'll be a date to DIE for!

Ej: Hey! That's MY line! (Ej morphs into Rinzler.)

Nicole: Ej! Though you've beat me at my own game, you'll always be my favorite child. (kisses Ej)

Patrick: Dude, she kissed you!


XANA: It's no use... but why can't I defeat you?

Ej: We're too strong, aren't we?

Anais: EJ!!!

Ej: XANA, anytime you want a rematch, just let me know. I'll be waiting!

Spongebob: Ej, get back here!!

Anais: Sorry to flake out, but I can't let him get away!

Darwin: Good luck, Anais!

Patrick: XANA sure has his hands full!

Nicole: I guess i'm out of here too. I think i'll just lay down.

Patrick: She never gives up! Oh no you don't! WAIT!

Yumi: Guess that's the end.

Odd: Guess so.

Ulrich: What about XANA?

Yumi: Man, almost forgot that slime ball!

Darwin: Another happy ending.

Gumball: (chuckles) For everyone but Ej.

Ej: Anais, leave me alone!!!!!