The trailer opens on Nicole, who is attempting to read through a promotional statement for the new Bejeweled Twist movie. After a short time, she says "I can't do this anymore," leading the director off-screen to cut the footage, at which point E.J. and Molly walk in. E.J. advises Nicole to "sound out the big words" like she'd practiced, to which Nicole responds that "There's nothing here," and pushing the screen behind her over, asks "Where's the eye-popping 3D, the CG explosions? Where's the dubstep?" In the process she picks E.J. up, before accidentally throwing him across the studio.

Molly replies that everybody in the studio is busy working on the "Bejeweled Twist Movie", which causes Nicole to question why the team didn't spend some more time giving the trailer a bit of 'pizazz' and calls them 'lazy'. E.J. warns her not to anger "such a talented team of animators" which Nicole scorns, asking "What'll they do, stop animating?"

The animator's menu appears on screen and Nicole is selected, removing the character's render and instead showing Nicole in pre-production format with a wire-frame matrix superimposed over her body. Nicole tells the viewers "Don't look!" while E.J. grabs Molly's copy of a FOX censor and attempts to cover Nicole's body with this in order to prevent any kids watching from seeing anything they shouldn't.

The animator opens a Quick Select menu and selects a Groovitron, causing Nicole to start dancing, initially in a disco style before moving on to fist pumping, which both E.J. and Molly find funny, before shifting to a more techno-dance beat. Molly suggests to Nicole that "Perhaps you should apologise," and Nicole does so which leads to the animator removing the Groovitron and then adding the Metropolis stage background in place of the animation studio along with a Bejeweled Twist logo.

Nicole takes all the pride for this and starts making a long-winded comment about how two adversaries can put aside their "petty squabbles" when the animator drops the logo on Nicole, knocking her down and causing E.J. and Molly to jump back. Nicole gasps "I'," and then drops flat, to which E.J. responds "Never mess with the animators."