Headshot: Gil levitates in front of his opponent and throws a fireball at Kai's head, derezzing him.

One into Two: Gil lifts Kai above him and rips him into two pieces.


Electrocution II: Dipper lodges his hands into his opponent's chest, lifts them over his head, and sends surges of electricity into their body making them explode.

Staff Shock: Dipper calls for his staff, lodges the end into Raiden's chest, lifts them up and shocks him until he derezzes. This was also his first in-game use of a staff.


The Hand From The Moon: Nicole meditates, then a portal opens on the ground near Shinnok. Her hand, incredibly large, emerges from the portal and grabs Shinnok, slowly squeezing until his head pops off from the pressure. As the portal closes, her hand pulls back into the portal, taking the headless body with it, but leaving the head. Nicole stops meditating.

Two Hand Clap: Nicole meditates and telekinetically levitates Shinnok high in the air. A giant portal appears under Shinnok, and two of her hands emerge on either side of him, and Shinnok wails briefly before the two hands brutally clap on the victim. They then retreat into the portal, revealing data-like messes of code on the inside of the palms as they do so. Nicole stop meditating over the still-open portal.

The Rabbid

Dragon Bite: The Rabbid's signature deresolution, in which he morphs into a large dragon and consumes the upper body of Liu Kang.

Fire Shot: The Rabbid tosses Liu Kang high in the air, then destroys him with a fireball.


Acid Puke: Richard gets close to Reptile, opens his mouth, and spews acid over them, melting them down to a sizzling puddle. In Bejeweled X, he regurgitates acid on the victim's body from the head top, while in The Accidental Misjudge, he sprays acid bubbles from the same position, but inexplicably gains levitation powers while doing so, much like Gil as the bubbles literally peel away at the skin and flesh of the opponent, leaving behind a robotic exoskeleton.

Face Chew: As the name implies, Richard hops on Reptile's legs and shoulders and proceeds to savagely smack Reptile's face, leaving behind chunks of data in the process. Once done, he jumps off and wipes away some of the data on his face while Reptile staggers back in pain before plummeting to the ground as some leftover data spills on the floor, showing a close up of Reptile's now-mutilated head.


Toasty!.: EJ shoots fire at Scorpion, burning him alive.

Scorpion Sting: EJ morphs into a giant scorpion and rips Scorpion's torso with his tail.