Davis Motomiya Davis' super-attack is fire. His main power is shocking to turn into Homer Ball, a big ball to burst enemies or walls. His other power, which he gets later in the game, is burning to turn into "Heli-Homer", a big gas ball to float into the air. Another of his powers is eating Gummi Venus de Milos to turn into "Gummi-Homer", a big gummi ball to shoot gummi balls to enemies. In the Xbox 360 and PS3 version, Homer's shield item is a hot-pepper to turn into "Lava-Homer", a big lava ball that can walk on hazardous terrain, like barbed wire and defeat enemies and destroy things by touching them, although he can't use any abilities other than the aforementioned ones. Bart Simpson Bart can shoot rocks or other things with his slingshot, which later becomes a wrist rocket. He can also turn into Bartman: he can glide opening his cape, climbing walls and ziplines and grappling into grapples. In the Xbox and PS3 version, Bart's shield item is a metal head to turn into "Robo-Bart", a robotic version of himself to shoot lasers through glass, but he can't use Bartman abilities nor the charged shot. In the PS2 and PSP version, Bart's major power is making bats fly out of his cape.

Lisa Simpson Lisa can stun enemies playing her saxophone. She can also enter a meditation point in on a Buddha statue to use the Hand of Buddha: she can pick up and drop big things controlling her hand with her mind. She can later flick, electrocute or freeze enemies with it. In the Xbox and PS3 version, Lisa's shield item is a comic book to turn into "Clobber Girl", a superhero version of herself to destroy things only Marge's mob can break, but she can't use the sax nor the Hand of Buddha.

Marge Simpson Marge has a megaphone to recruit people to a mob and tell them to destroy, fix or build things and to step on platforms. She can also place Maggie into crawlspaces. In the Xbox and PS3 version, Marge's shield item is a police hat to turn into "Marge Cop", which makes her stronger and invincible while her mob can throw rocks at enemies (She's the only character that doesn't get nerfed when invincible, merely that she can't use the megaphone blowback).

Maggie Simpson Maggie has no powers, but Marge can send her through small openings into shafts her family can't access.