Team Hexic learns Molly is the master hypnotist Molly Moon, and XANA attempts to take it from her.

(Team Hexic goes through a storm.)

M-O: Help!

Gumball: Oh No! M-O fell out and he isn't wearing his jetpack!

M-O: HELP!! HELP!!!!

Nicole: Don't go away, we're coming back for you!

EJ: I got you!

M-O: Thank you. I thought I'd dismantle!

Nicole: Well, at least you're alive!

EJ: That reminds me. Molly has something to tell TODAY.

Time card: Many Months Later

Molly: Guys, I have something to say. My full name is Molly Moon.

EJ: Hoo---

(loud blast of music)

Darwin: O.K., new theory. Maybe you should play so quietly, no one can hear you.

EJ: Sorry, it's that every time the name "Molly Moon" is said, there's this song stuck in my head and I'm reminded of it.

(EJ shows Hatsune Miku singing "World is Mine")

EJ: It's easier than explaining. Where's your brown hair and potato nose?

Molly: It disappeared due to my mutation.

Nicole: I have a mission for EJ, Spongebob, Patrick, Gumball, Darwin and Anais.

Patrick: This place is deserted.

All: What the?!

XANA: Well, you've uncovered Molly's great secret. Tell me now!

Darwin: Never!!!

XANA: Fine. Here's your cell!

Patrick: Trapped!

Anais: Like sardines in a tincan.

EJ: You mean a STEEL can.

Darwin: What can we do?

Spongebob: I don't know. Sorry. Ouch!

Oona: Hi.

Nonny: We heard you got captured and came to help you.

XANA: Stop! Unh! Who put the steel door in my way? Oh, forgot!!! Hahaha. I did. I'm through being nice! Now I'm tough!

Deema: Haaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

Anais: What?

EJ: Nothing, she's just buffing.

XANA: There you are!

Goby: Bob, use your ray gun.

Spongebob: Geez. I forgot I had my crabby patty grease pistol with me.

XANA: Oh no! Crabby patty grease! WHOA!!! So they greased me! Alright, this calls for drastic measures!

Patrick: I have a trapdoor for Molly's secret.

EJ: Gil, promise me you won't record Molly confessing she's Molly Moon.

Gil: I promise.

XANA: O.K., you bums, time for the second course: Malicious Molemen!

EJ: XANA sent reinforcements. Spongebob, karate chop them when they pick you up. Whoops.

Moleman: Aww, nothing but a harmless little brick.

Spongebob: Hiya!!!

XANA: They made a monkey out of me. Now for Monkevil, Secilia and Anissa.

Patrick: Monkevil, Secilia and Anissa are targeting us!

(Anissa, Secilia and Monkevil come out but cuts to Monkevil.)

Monkevil: Poopy Doopy.

Molly: I can call Nicole, Richard and Granny Jojo here.

(Molly puts her hands on her brain.)

EJ: Maybe I can be out of this park.

(EJ carries a bat and hits the girls with it.)

XANA: Now I'm mad! I'm going up there and doing my own dirty work.

Darwin: It's XANA!!!!

Molly: Help is on the way!

XANA: Got you now! No! No! Raymen! Yow! Ow! Ouch! Oh! I give up! I GIVE UP!! I... GIVE... UP!!!

EJ: Molly, I don't care if you're a leading life. I love you just the way you are. There's one thing I don't understand. How did you learn telekinesis?

Molly: EJ, every psychic knows how to do that. I am Molly Moon. Um, you're not going to speak of this to Miss Jenny, are you?

EJ: No. If Gil lied to me, I'm going to smash the window and chase him.... Gil? What are you doing?

Gil: I'm recording when you told me not to. This is known as a doublecross.

EJ: What do you have to say due to the fact that I just said what I'd do?

Gil: Not much but AAAAAAAAHHHHH!

EJ: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

(Everyone laughs at Gil's expense.)

Molly: Boy, there's one thing wrong with being a doublecrosser.

Spongebob: Yeah. Doublecrossers always get crossed up in the end.

(Everyone laughs again.)


Hatsune Miku's song became Bejeweled Twist and Zexal's ending credits song.

Spongebob saying his quote at the end became a Internet and Ethernet meme.