Freddie The Tiger is a Upcoming TV Series premiering in Febuary 2012 Starring Steve Skyler Atticus Mitchell Carlos Knight Dee Bradley Baker Bridget Mendler & Jennette Mccurdy .

Main Characters

Freddie Jetson ( voiced by Steve Skyler ) is a Siberian Tiger who always has crazy adventures with his best friends Ty Malcone & Cam Stewart he is plans to make 9th grade a fun year by making school days into fun school days.Freddie was Born June 12 1996

Ty Malcone ( voiced by Atticus Mitchell ) is a Jaguar who is obsessed with Comic Books he always wanted to become a Super Hero his favorite super hero is Super Jaguar Ty has a imagination he gives Freddie & Cam craxy ideas but sometimes they can get out of control Ty was born July 12 1996.

Cam Stewart ( voiced by Carlos Knight ) a Lion. Cam is the bad boy of the group he always has a plan to escape detention he has a quick escape plan away from trouble Cam was born August 13 1995.

Mr.Charles Randall ( voiced by Dee Bradley Baker ) a Grizzly Bear who is the 9th grade teacher he is called Charlie by Cam Mr.Randall was born October 2 1974.

Maddy Stewart ( voiced by Bridget Mendler ) a Lioness who is in 7th Grade she is the little sister of Cam Maddy has a crush on Freddie but Freddie dosn't like her back . Maddy was born January `1 1998

Felicia Merlin ( voiced by Jennette Mccurdy ) a Bengal Tiger who is in 9th grade she is a kind pearson Freddie has a crush on her . Felicia was born September 11 1996


1. Freddie and the pilot

Freddie Cam & Ty plan to make a recipie of Pizza they add a bunch of ingrediants but when they take it to school it turns into a big monster.