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Jimmy Timmy: Battle of Morons is the name of the Jimmy Timmy: Power Hour-based game by Victoon Network Inc. . It's going to be released for the Wii and Nintendo DS. The game happens half in Timmy Turner's dimension, half in Jimmy Neutron's.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay changes depending on the dimension you are. If you are at Retroville, the game is in 3D, while in Dimmsdale, the game is in 2D. Timmy usually uses magical items, and Jimmy uses his inventions. Both magical items and inventions use the Nintendo DS's touch screen and the Wiimote's pointer in all dimensions dimensions. While in the levels, you collect Constructing Materials and Wishing Stars which are used the build Jimmy's inventions and in order to do wishes. They can be also bought in shops (like Shirley's Pizzas, a shop based on Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3.) using the Jimmy Timmy Coins that can be collected while playing the game. The shops also sell pre-made items that work just as inventions and wishes.

Building and Wishing Edit

While wishing and building, you can't do a tottally custom item, but you can pick between different models, and you can choose 2 colors to be in your item. You can be equipped with one invention and wish at time, but you can change when you want while playing using the pause menu.

Twonkies Edit

Twonkies do alot of cameos in the Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genious. Similarly, they do in this game. 60 Twonkies can be found hided in the most weird places of Jimmy's dimension. Something (yet unknown) is unlocked after collecting them all.

Plot Edit

Evil Jimmy is back, and wants to destroy the real Jimmy. Meanwhile, Jimmy is bored, since he has no one to play with because all his friends are busy and his parents think he is spending too much time at the laboratory. So Jimmy decides to go to Dimmsdale and have some fun with Timmy Turner. After entering the portal, Evil Jimmy, follows him to Timmy's dimension. There, Evil Jimmy meet Imaginary Gary, who's also back, and plans on giving an end to Timmy. They meet and join forces. They then kidnap all friends from Jimmy and Timmy who go on an adventure to save them.