Episode 1: Dive and Sink

Sonic is about to jump in tapwater so he faces his fear of water. However, he falls in the left side instead of the right side (where the water was) and EJ takes pity on him and gives him a 10 as he cries out in pain, ending the episode.

Episode 2: Breaking Records

Nicole throws a china plate on the floor for Discus Throw. It breaks, causing shards of the plate to be on the floor. As EJ measures them, the shards make it hard for him to determine how far Nicole threw the plate. EJ, not wanting to measure the shards, screams out in frustration, ending the episode.

Episode 3: False Start

Gumball, Sonic, Nonny and Deema are about to race in the kitchen. However, when EJ says "Go!", no one moves. EJ is blamed and he spritzes the second and third blows. Gumball, Sonic, Nonny and Deema do not move for the remainder of the episode as EJ sighs in annoyance, ending the episode.

Episode 4: Hopping to Win

Oona and Darwin are tagteaming at the door to the garage where Gumball is. However, EJ measures the door but Oona is not there and after hearing various screams from Oona, EJ realizes that Oona went through the door and is being attacked by the cat as we speak, ending the episode.

Episode 5: Building Strength

Anais attempts to carry a barbell where it reaches her ears and she does, only for us to see it was a broom connected to two buckets, ending the episode.