Last Hopes is the 36th and final episode of Bejeweled Twist.


Today is the day the Super Wattersons finally destroy XANA! They go to high exercises as EJ trains for this time. While XANA isn't looking, SpongeBob, Patrick, Gumball, Darwin, Nicole, Richard and Anais stow away with Donatello to accompany them. Inside to make sure they are unseen, Anais barges inside and uses her telekinesis to kill any Rabbids that the family might draw attention to. Quickly, Richard masquerades as the captain while Gumball steers the ship. He accidentally turns on the autopilot that XANA has control of, thus making the ship tilt. EJ is now trained, and he fights XANA in the hangar. He is about to kill EJ while he has the upper hand as Anais begins to cry for EJ. Before XANA tazes EJ, he grabs XANA's tazer and with terrifying strength, throws him on the floor. But, instead of killing XANA completely, he has M-O take control of him, turning XANA from bad to good as a light engulfs the world. The Rabbids are free and the ship tilts back to normal. As the Wattersons look at EJ run off to the ship they are on with great athleticism and the light engulfs everything. XANA is now a technology maintenance robot and the Wattersons hug out their accomplishment and the episode ends with a happy song playing in the background and the words "THE END" on the screen.

In an epilogue, Anais plots an elaborate plan to make a time-space rift to make all the cartoon characters she knows become a rag-tag group of heroes. it succeeds when a telekinetic shield of fire is shot in the sky. It ensnares XANA and the two fires merge as all the cartoon characters are ensnared (Sushi Pack, Code Lyoko, South Park; you name it) by a light made out of Anais' own power, setting the stage for Nicktoons.

Transcript of the Epilogue

Narrator: Epilogue.

EJ: What the?!

Anais: One of mine, huh?

Nicole: Do it Anais.

(Fire is shot is in the sky)


Nicole: We caused a time-space rift and why don't you sit here and act like a complete lunatic while Anais and I sit outside and watch the magic unfold?


Anais: Don't be a sillyhead.

Anais and Nicole: Ahhhhh.

EJ: No. No! NO!!!! Guys!

(The fire ensnares XANA and merges with him)

XANA: Agh!!!!

Gumball: Everyone out of the universe, quick!

All cartoon characters the girls know: AAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

(The light XANA became a maintenance bot in is engulfing the world with light!)