Series Name
Season 1, Episode The First Episode!
Air date August 31,2009
Written by Stephen Hillenburg
Directed by Johnny Young Bosch
Episode Guide
Moving In is the pilot of Living in the NICK House.
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None. Gonardo


'Let the crazy begin! '

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''''SpongeBob:Gotta hurry,Gary!Because Nickelodeon is announcing the NEW house!!(He shows Gary a poster.) '

''''Gary:Meow. '

'(They go downtown and heads up to Patrick and Squidward.) '

''''Patrick:Hi guys! '

''''SpongeBob:Hi Patrick,hi Squidward,hi Squidward. '

''''Patrick:You said "Hi Squidward" twice. '

''''Squidward:I can't belive where gonna see NICK. '

''''SpongeBob:Oh they will be there. '

''''Squidward:You never saw them before! '

''''SpongeBob:You have to stop interfearing what they look like!(Shows SpongeBob's face from SpongeBob VS. The Big One.) '

''''Squidward:You're right. '

''''Patrick:We're here! '

''''President of Nickelodeon:Ladies,Gentlemen,and All-Stars,May I present.....The NICK House!!!!!!!!!!!!! '

''''Everyone:Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '

''''President of Nickelodeon:Welllookatthetime,sosorrytorush,haveagoodlife.(They go to studio,quickly.) '

'(Everyone heads inside.) '

''''Aang:This house looks.....nice. '

''''Sheen:Guys,look!A HUGE HD TV! '

''''Carl:Wow!This place is cool! '

'''' that Patrick is looking at The Gallery Of Fame.) '

''''Mikey:So...this is the new life,Gonard. '

''''Gonard:I wonder who owns this place? '

''''Mikey:No one.Just us,now. '

''''Gonard:Cool! '

''''Mikey:But where not alone. '

''''Gonard:What do you mean? '

''''Mikey:There's people all around the place. '

''''Gonard:Oh,wha? '