New Avengers is a Upcoming TV Series and a spin off of Super Hero Squad Show The Show will air in March 2012.

Season 1

it's the begining of the show when Nick Fury of SHIELD recruits 6 Heroes with Iron Man Leading The New Avengers and recruits such as Captain America Spider Man Thor Hulk & Reptil as they stop Loki as he plans to overthrow Odin by using The Trident of Doom as the new ruler of Asgard Enchantress & Destroyer will be Loki's henchmen HYDRA lead by The Red Skull and Baron Zemo Dr.Doom Abombanation & MODOK will also be leading Doombots.


Iron Man = Tech Factor

Hulk = Tech Factor

Captain America = Speed Factor

Spider Man = Spider Factor

Thor = Elemental Factor

Reptil = Animal Factor


Season 1 2012

The Loki Throwdown

In The Pilot Episode , Loki plans to use a powerful a powerful artifact and plans to use it to become the new ruler of Asgard so Nick Fury must assemble a team of superheroes.