Jimmy made his new invention:The Love Ray.Sheen wants to use his computer to find a new Ultralord action figure.When he accidentally let The Love Ray get stolen, the Thief went to each of the heroes worlds and shot Sam, Cindy, Trixie, Sandy, Gaz, and Jura with the Love Ray. When Jimmy realizes it, he calls Danny, Timmy, Tak, Zim, and Spongebob. It's up to them to find the thief and recover The Love Ray.


Bikini Bottom-Spongebob Squarepants

Retroville-Jimmy Neutron

Dimmsdale-Timmy Turner

Amity Park-Danny Phantom

Zim's Town-Invader Zim


Love VictimsEdit

Cindy In Love With Jimmy

Sandy In Love With Spongebob

Trixie In Love With Timmy

Sam In Love With Danny

Gaz In Love With Zim

Jura In Love With Tak