The TAWOG crew found out of their secret powers, but some can't really control it. The videogames are similar to Ratchet: Deadlocked and Spyro the Dragon.


Gumball - The main protagonist of the story. He first uses his powers when harrased and beaten by Tina and her gang. He uses his powers to protect his friends through the adventure. He is 15, his hair curved a little over his eyes and he has a short sleeved version of his sweater. He has gotten a lot more intelligent and has gotten better grades and is A LOT less cowardly. Nicole teached him to build confidence. His powers are Superstrength, the abilities of aerokinesis, pyrokinesis and electrokinesis. He can also control insects.

Darwin - He is Gumball's best friend and adopted brother he is 14 and is a lot dumber than he was when he was 12. He is a lot more cowardly but can get really angry when you push him to far. His powers are the power to control water and electricity.

Penny - Gumball's peanut girlfriend due to Gumball's new confidence it gave him courage to ask her out. She first used her powers to levitate Tobias to ram enemies that cornered her. Her power is telekinesis, allowing her to move things with her mind.

Tobias - He doesn't have powers but is a big help. He is Gumball and Darwin's third best friend.

Ms Simion - The villain who takes advantage of this power. She attacks Elmore and her powers are just abilities to control fire, water wind and electricity and insects.

Phazon - You see him later in the story. He helps Gumball stop Miss Simion. He has the ability of shape shifting, technopathy, and form them on his body and can control eletricity.

Corey - He is a friend of Phazon though you'll see him later in the story. He can mind read.

Aaron (Zombie) - Gumball's childhood friend disappered a long time ago. He goes by his nickname Zombie. His powers are Electrokinesis, Pyrokinesis and Photokinesis.

Buffguy - Zombie's brother and Darwin's long lost friend. He loves fish never eats them. He has an aggresive side. Though his real name is Ethan, he'd rather be called by his nickname. He uses fire arms instead of powers.