Nicole and Anais (wearing tanktops and sandals) prepare for the summer. Ej believes that winter is coming but Nicole tells him it is summer, as he says the sun was up at 11:00, making Ej unable to sleep. He sees a factory pipe at the Krusty Krab. Inside is a light runner pumping carbon dioxide into the pipe and out into the atmosphere. Mr. Krabs says he is using it to open his "Krusty Pool", making Ej wonder about the winter Olympics. Nicole, Anais and Spongebob devise a scheme to speed up global warming.

Later, Richard is watching TV but it automatically shuts off because of the temperature.

Ej, much to his horror, sees lightcycles, light runners, light tanks, solar sailers and recognizers parked in the house.

Outside, the grid has turned into a burning wasteland. Anais throws a tire onto a burning pile of tires, and Ej scolds his friend, aunt and stepsister after finding out they sped up global warming as a stampede of programs run towards the Krusty Krab.

Krabs thinks they are running to the pool, but they literally run over him as Sonic and a pink light (which is actually XANA) run under him. The rest of the Wattersons and Tororo says they are moving to the North Pole (where Santa Claus lives) because of the temperature, making them unable to live in the landscape.

Krabs is depressed and frustrated from the heat, but Nicole reveals there is no line for the pool he mentioned earlier. She cannonballs and the water quickly evaporates, causing Anais and Spongebob to stop floating in the air and falls on their bottoms and Nicole falls on her face, and the short ends when Nicole hurts herself and exclaims "Ouch."