Algernard Blunt becomes... Albatross, with the uncanny ability to fly!

David Williams becomes... Shadowboy, with all of Noob Saibot's powers and abilities!

Brett Gwinn becomes... Icebox, with the ability to shoot ice! Brrrr!

Esteban Taboada becomes... Cinder, with the hot ability to shoot fire or turn into flame!

Cory Coker becomes... Visibleman, now you see him, now you don't! Period!

Joseph Upchurch becomes... Steelman, with his super-strength as strong as steel!

Alyssa Blankenship becomes... Mesmerizia, with her hypnotic stare!

Alexus Romulus becomes... Copycat, with the uncanny ability to clone herself!

Ben Gilbert becomes... Nightport, with the ability to teleport himself!

Liliana Lopez-Sanchez becomes... Gaia, with the ability to control stone!

Secilia Escobar becomes... Psycilia, with the ability to move things with her mind!

Dorian Portillo-Vidal becomes... Plasticboy, with the ability to stretch into all shapes and sizes!

Helen Lei becomes... Screamia, with a scream as loud as FUS RO DAH!!

Forrest York becomes... Fujinman, with the ability to create wind!

Timothy Anderson becomes... Jaguar, with the uncanny ability to run really, really fast!

Jamar Rogers becomes... Laser, with his heat vision!

And Cesar Acosta-Cordava becomes... Thunderbird, with his ability to shoot thunder!

Together, they are the J-Men!