The Miami Patrol now is on Nick. This shows kids with superhuman abilities. The Planets consist of Elementus,Psionia,Invisia,Timit,Iwannagofast,Mindia,Watia,Taekwondo,Magia,Pyrus,Strongia and Mindeye. The series is rated TV-Y7-CV(cybernetic violence)-ML(mild language)-FV(fantasy violence).

Characters with Powers

Ej: Leader and possesses the power to control the elements of nature. His number is 18.

Anissa:second in command and possesses psychic powers, including levitation and telekinesis. Her number is 15.

Anna:Possesses invisibility. Her number is 1.

Keanu:Possesses chronokinesis. His number is 5.

Chase:Possesses super speed. His number is 16.

Hope:Possesses telepathy. Her number is 14.

Luis and Luis:Possesses hydrokinesis. Their numbers are 10 and 12.

Paris:Very skilled at martial arts. Her number is 7.

James:Mystical member. His Number is 2.

Devontae:Possesses pyrokinesis. His number is 19.

Kaitlyn:Possesses super strength. Her number is 4.

Jelanie and Sheridan:Possesses clairvoyance. Their numbers are 20 and 21.