The N-Force (named to be the N- Titans) is a superhero team that rivaled the N-Men. Their first appearance was in Nicktoons Go!

The team Consists of The InvinciBubble (SpongeBob), Mr. SuperAwesomeness (Patrick), Plant Girl (Sam), Ghost Wing (Dani), Frenzy Blade (Misty), Voltageous (Frankie Stein), Sun Bat (Draculaura), Dead Fast (Ghoulia), Iron Invader (Zim), and The Spy Riser (Dib). In an episode, the team brings in the N-Men after a brief rivalry. In another episode, the team expands into more members: Metallix (Jenny XJ9), Fenton Man (Danny) Sir Pinch-A-Lot (Mr. Krabs), Sour Note (Squidward), The Rodent (Sandy), Wonder Wolf (Clawdeen), Polterghoul (Spectra), Weberella (Wydowna), The Mighty B (Bessie), Mecha-Gaz (Gaz) and Frosty Storm (Abbey Bominable). It also features a new member in the season 1 finale of Nicktoons Go!, Plank-Ton (Plankton)

The known members:

  • SpongeBob SquarePants- " The N-Beast/The InvinciBubble": After he snuck into Jimmy's lab and taking the N-Men packets, he grew to huge size, his shoes grew big with spikes, his skin turned indigo blue, grew eyebrows just like Abrasive SpongeBob has, and started acting and talking like a brave, cool and heroic sponge he wished he could be. He then named himself the N-Beast. The mutation equiped him with all the N-Men's powers. In Nicktoons Go! Episode: The N-Factor, Part 2, after a brief battle between the N-Titans and the N-Men and had been revealed all of his wrongs since he became this, he evolved into the hero that he was all along, The InvinciBubble
  • Patrick Star- "Starfish Man/Mr. SuperAwesomeness": When he went with SpogeBob into Jimmy's Lab, he became Starfish Man as SpongeBob became The N-Beast. He is a parody of Robin, The boy wonder. The super gainer gained him the power to throw Star boomerangs, flight and tongue whack. In Nicktoons Go! Episode: The N-Factor, Part 2, after a brief battle between The N-Titans and N-Men, he and SpongeBob had evolved into the hero he was all along, Mr. SuperAwesomeness.
  • Sam Manson- "Plant Girl": A parody of Poison Ivy, Tarzan, and Spiderman. She became this when Undergrowth's soul has convinced her to unleash her inner power and she was found by the N-Beast and Starfish Man. The three teamed up to find a team of heroes who were left out and form the N-Titans. This form gave her the power to shoot vines out of her hands, Tarzan Howl to contact with other plants, acrobatic skills, and enhanced jump. Her outfit is the same outfit as her plant girl version.
  • Dani Phantom- "Ghost Wing": When she got strucked by Dib's Super Gainer, she grew ectoplasm wings and got equiped with crystal claws. She is a parody of the three female winged Skylanders, Sonic Boom, Scratch and Flashwing. Her powers are flight, super screech, Jewel Shred, Crystal Eye, and laser beam from her gold Egyptian Mask.
  • Misty- "Frenzy Blade": A parody of the SWAP force Skylander, Freeze Blade and Sonic's Purple frenzy form. After being struck by Dib's Super Gainer,  she got the power to summon Nega-Wisps, which she calls them her brothers, for assistance. And, she can throw her violet void frisby blade at enemies creating a void that summons Nega-Wisps, and can transform into a giant purple wolf-like tiger.
  • Frankie Stein, "Voltageous": When she got strucked by Dib's Super Gainer, she became an electricity goddess. This is a parody of Storm and Electro from the Marvel series. Her powers are Electric Strike, Electro-Ball, Zapper Eyes, Electric Shock Wave, and Flashback.
  • Draculaura- "Sun Bat": After getting struck by Dib's Super Gainer, she grew bright light wings from the Sun. This is a parody of Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Her outfit is almost the same outfit as Wonder Woman's. Her powers are Flight, Super Screech, Sun Shine, Sun Beam, Sun Shine Knuckle, Bright Blinder, and Sunlight Blaze.
  • Ghoulia Yelps - "Dead Fast": After getting struck by Dib's Super Gainer, her speed became faster as usual. This is a parody of The Flash. Her powers are Gravity Hold, Quick Speed, Speed Scream, Time Stopper, and Dizzy Snap.
  • Invader Zim- "Iron Invader": After he was struck by Dib's Super Gainer, he became this parody of Iron Man, Mega Man, and Cyborg. The Super Gainer gave him a Crimson, Violet and Indigo iron suit that gave him the power of flight,, and the power to shoot powerful light beams out of his iron hands. It even includes all the powers that Mega Man has, which are Charge Shot, Flame Blast, Tornado Hold, Plant Barrier, Leaf Shield, Time Stopper, Round Cutter, Super Arm, Gemini Cannon, Magnet Missile, Needle Cannon, Metal Blade, Spark Shock, Slash Claw, Ice Slasher, Skull Barrier, Danger Wrap, Flash Stopper, Shadow Blade, Hyper Bomb, Air Shooter, Crash Bomber, Flame Sword, and Hard Knuckle. Also, he can transform into a powerful laser cannon when he and The Spy Riser combine.
  • Dib Membrane- "The Spy Riser": A parody of the tech Swap force skylander, Spy Rise. He is the leader of the N-Titans.  His Super Gainer struck him and he got the equipment that Spy Rise had. Future Spy-der Scanner S3, Spy-der Sting, Web shooter, Spy-der bomb drop, and a new power, his spy-der legs can turn into a jet copter to fly.
  • Jenny XJ9 - "Metallix": In Nicktoons Go! Episode: New Friends, New Monsters, and a Talking Snake, she, along with Danny, Clawdeen, Wydowna, Spectra, Abbey, Gaz, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Sandy, and Bessie, snuck into the N-Titans' HQ, where she used Dib's Super-Gainer on herself and became an assassin of the N-Titans. She wears razor sharp sunglasses to protect her identity from anyone, a black vest, and black boots. Her weapon is two razor sharp blades to cut through steel.
  • Danny Phantom - "Fenton Man":
  • Clawdeen Wolf - "Wonder Wolf":
  • Wydowna Spider- "Weberella":
  • Spectra Vondergeist - "Polterghoul":
  • Abbey Bominable - "Frosty Storm":
  • Mr. Krabs - "Sir-Pinch-A-Lot:
  • Squidward Tentacles - "Sour Note":
  • Sandy Cheeks - "The Rodent":
  • Gaz - "Mecha-Gaz":
  • Bessie Higgenbottom - "Mighty B":

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