This is an episode of Nicktoons.

(Everyone is playing.)

EJ: Alright, calm down everyone.

Dorian: EJ, what's with the guards?

EJ: A funny story. I deleted my bank account, set fire to my house, changed my identification, and made a run for the border. Badly, I was arrested and brought here, because today's the day I teach about... your bodies!

All Nicktoons: Ew!

Mabel: (giggles)

EJ: I know!

Danny: I'm... not... comfortable... talking... about... my... body!!!!

EJ: All the gory details are in these "OPERATION MANUALS". A little advice: don't read them at night. It'll be so scary, you'll run off in your pajamas. Let's start on... puberty.

All Nicktoons: Ew!

Mabel: (giggles) Awesome.

EJ: (sobbing) No! I can't do this! I WON'T do this!!! (screaming)

(Intro plays)

Kimi: These "OPERATION MANUALS" rule.

Molly: Look! Psybeams!

EJ: I turn into a nightclub!

Tororo: Sorry. You set off my anti-theft device. Hang on.

Lukybory: Look! Seniors!

Oona: They're hot!

Knuckles: It's because they've gone through puberty. Puberty is a one-way ticket to "Cooltown"!

Tororo: Also when we are through it, they give us motorcycles!!!! We'll look hot!

Deema: (sarcastically) Ooh, Mr. Shark don't like it when they jump the pool. Just you wait. When I get my cycla, I'LL JUMP YOUR POOL EVERYDAY!!!!


Bender: MATURITY RULES!!!!!!!

Blaze: Silver, the book says it should have started 9 seconds ago. Do you feel different?

Silver: (with german accent) No. Do you think we'll have to wait until next year?

Blaze: (voice changing) Silver, your voice!

Silver: (with highpitched voice) This is brilliant! We're becoming men and women!

Ulrich: (with ladylike voice) You'll also go through an awkward growth spurt.

Cody: (as Paul Lynch) O.K., this is going in a direction I don't like. What's next?

Ikura: (as Beavis) It says we're gonna get pimples.

Pimple: BANZAI!!!!!!



Amy: Hey, give me back my nuggets!!!!!!

Nonny: Sandy, your fur.

Sandy: (realizing her fur is gone) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!