Sektor: (humming something) Oh, I love Halloween. Terrifying kids 'til they burst into tears. It makes you feel like you've done something with your life. OK, be honest, which is scarier: The left or the right?

EJ: (sarcastically) The one in the middle. It's scary how much creamed corn you have stuck in your mask.

Sektor: What's scarier is I haven't had creamed corn in a week.

EJ: Spongebob, have you been playing with the paper shredder again?

Spongebob: Uh, no: this is my costume. I'm the Hulk; after he turns back into Bruce Banner.

EJ: What? But Sonic stayed up all night making the Mermaidman costume you asked for.

Spongebob: (through gritted teeth) Yeah, I decided against the tights. I don't need a wedgie slowing me down all night.

EJ: Oh. Thank You for that image. (to Helen Lei) OK, Sonic's almost done with your astronaut costume. It is out of this world.

Helen Lei: Oh, thanks! I love it! But I think I'm gonna be a singer.

Sonic: You want me to make you a whole new costume?

EJ: Sonic, she's fickle. Some programs find it cute.

Sonic: Good thing I'm a great seamster.

EJ: (sees the costume stuck to Sonic's hand) And that is why you'll never be a surgeon. Well, that and your SAT scores.


Pearl: Happy Halloween.

Molly: Not for me. When you're a psychic, Halloween is all trick and no treat. I need a nap.

Garnet: And EJ and Steven need dates to this Halloween party they got invited to tonight.

Molly: Oh, I would love to go. I even have an awesome witch costume I could wear.

Amethyst: Wow, a witch? I love witches! What's a witch?

Molly: All you need to know is it involves me casting spells and flying on a broom.

EJ: Sold!!!

Steven: I can't believe I got invited to the swankiest party in the building. I'll be pouring drinks for people, setting for people, opening doors....

Pearl: Uh, Steven, it sounds like you're working the party.

Steven: Oh, man. And here I thought I'd be hobnobbing with all the fancy types on this guest list.